Here at Hermiston Dental Group, we believe that preventing oral problems is better than treating them later on. To help prevent cavities, we the DEXIS® CariVu Caries Detection device to easily detect decay, cracks and cavities in a pain-free way. This technology surrounds the tooth with a safe infrared light, making the tooth appear transparent; however, any cavities or decay absorbs the light, appearing as a dark spot within the tooth.

There are several benefits to using cavity detection technology. Some of these benefits include:

  • Early detection, and thus early treatment, of tooth decay.
  • The avoidance of more complex and expensive treatments later on, due to extensive tooth decay and cavities.
  • Reduced exposure to radiation, as X-rays are another way of detecting tooth decay.
  • Providing patients with a better understanding of their oral health and treatment plan.

In addition to detecting cavities early on, the DEXIS CariVu also takes images of your teeth, which are similar to X-ray images. During your appointment, you and our dentists can review the images taken of any damage or decay within your teeth. This allows our team to confidently determine whether your tooth requires additional monitoring over time or immediate treatment.

Dr. Nicacio utilizes DEXIS CariVu cavity detection in Hermiston, Oregon, as an alternative to traditional preventive methods, and as a more effective way of detecting cavities. At Hermiston Dental Group, we aspire to be innovative and accommodating for all our patients’ needs. We encourage you to contact our team at 541-567-4143 for more information on our advanced dental care.

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