A Child With a Knocked Out Tooth Needs Emergency Dental Care

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Children are naturally prone to vigorous play, which includes testing their limits on playground equipment as well as experimenting with new sports. Combine these characteristics with the fact that developing bodies are sometimes awkward to control, and it puts the average child at increased risk for suffering injuries and potential oral trauma.

When an accidental blow the face impacts the mouth with enough force to damage their teeth and harm the surrounding soft oral tissues, timely first aid may be needed while you seek emergency treatment from a dentist like Drs. Pablo Nicacio and Raquel Kafentzis.

A quick, yet gentle saltwater rinse can help clear the child’s mouth of unwanted debris. Lukewarm water is best as cold water could shock any irritated or exposed nerves. Antiseptic mouthwash should also be avoided.

If a permanent tooth was knocked cleanly out of the socket and it is kept alive, it might be possible for our dentist to insert it back into their gums. If necessary, the knocked out tooth can be kept alive by having the child hold it gently in their mouth between the cheek and gums.

You should never attempt to preserve a tooth in water or milk. If the child is uncomfortable with keeping the tooth in their mouth, you might be able to care for it by placing it in a tooth-preservation gel, which you might be able to find in a store’s oral hygiene aisle.

Once you arrive at Hermiston Dental Group our dentist will quickly assess the severity of the problem and explain your treatment options.

If you are the parent, teacher or caregiver of a child who has just suffered a severe dental trauma, you can always call 541-567-4143 to seek emergency treatment at Dr. Mandy Nicacio’s office in Hermiston, Oregon.

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